Calm Brain



The Calm Brain intervention programme has been created by Clinical Psychologist Dr Sarah Taylor and co-developed with Dr Gary Lavan, Educational Psychologist.



Designed to be delivered by school staff, the practical intervention draws on the most recent research from Neuroscience and builds on theory about attachment, early brain development and relationships.



The Calm Brain programme explores these developmental issues and how schools can support dysregulated children to try and prevent the development of mental health issues later on. When we talk about ‘mental health’ in young people, we are often talking about children who are ‘dysregulated’ – their behaviour is chaotic and challenging but they don’t necessarily have mental health issues (such as depression, anxiety, psychosis), although they may go on to develop these things later on in life if not supported.



With a full-day comprehensive training session for staff, and ongoing support available from the CalmBrain team of psychologists, staff will be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to provide systematic support for pupils presenting with challenging or concerning behaviour in the school environment.

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